Edit your Flash websites, Flash templates, SWF files with ease using our SWF editor!
FlashDigger Plus
version 4.15
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What users tell:
«Your software is especially good for me as I am not a programmer, but it allows me to manipulate certain flash applications that we use in my game, without having to constantly pay my programmer/coder. Especially when it is just a minor change that I could possibly do.»
Sonnie B. Productions / Mobsterboss.com
Do you need to update SWF banner, edit SWF website to bring some changes like hyperlink URL, address or phone number change, text or image update? Have you lost FLA file?
No problems! Edit SWF file directly!
In few mouse clicks you can...

Edit or remove any images, text, sounds and scripts used in the SWF movie.
Edit hyperlinks, associated with any button in SWF file.
Assign new hyperlink to whole SWF banner or to any of its scene part (i.e. create new transparent buttons).
Import and export clips, images, shapes, buttons and scripts and place them into the same or another SWF movie.
Import whole SWF file into another SWF file, as a movieclip - with ease!
Extract graphics and audiotracks from SWF files with preview and save them in an appropriate media formats. (freeware feature)
What software publishers tell:
«There are no more secrets inside Flash because you are armed with FlashDigger Plus!»
www.3d2f.com Editorial review
September, 2005
...and even more features!
Create new SWF graphics (bitmap images) object and place it into SWF movie.

Convert SWF to EXE format. Resulting EXE file can be launched on any computer even without Macromedia Flash ActiveX installed. Advanced features like fullscreen playback and EXE file customization are included.

ActionScript Obfuscator embedded tool lets you make scripts to be hardly readable after decompilation. It is very useful to make hacker's life to be much harder. This tool also lets you easily find all function and variable names, text constants and clip names, used in all scripts within your SWF movie.

Batch SWF Processing Tools such as Batch SWF Text Extractor and Batch SWF Text Updater let you easily process SWF files in an automatic mode, extract a text from SWF files, translate SWF files into another language, etc. Batch SWF URL Updater can automatically change all SWF links according to some rules, defined in a special configuration file. This tool is very useful for banner rotation systems, etc.
Create a new SWF text object (a line or a block of text) and place it into SWF movie.

Search for fonts, used in a SWF movie and missing on your computer, using Google search engine. You can find a SWF movie, containing required font, download it, export the font and import it into your movie.

Arabic SWF Text Editor - is a freeware SWF tool, which helps you to create a block of SWF text in Arabic language and import it into SWF movie. Learn more about Arabic SWF Text Editor at the FlashDigger Users Forum.

SWF ActionScript Protector embedded tool lets you protect SWF scripts against SWF decompilation, works against all existing SWF decompilers. It is just a one-way processor, so even FlashDigger can't help you "unprotect" a protected SWF script. This feature is really useful for commercial Flash projects.

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Openworld FlashPresenter
version 2.08
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Video delivery options:
Output formats:
• HTTP download
(by any webserver)
• HTTP Streaming
(by a webserver with PHP/MySQL)
• RTMP Streaming
(by a RTMP-compliant server)
• Flash Movie
• MS Windows Executable
• MacOS X Application

«Macromedia Flash can handle all media types and be viewed in virtually any browser, or as a stand-alone EXE file. It has a much more compact file size for downloading.
And Openworld FlashPresenter offers an exemplary breakthrough for creating and delivering interactive, fully navigable Flash multimedia presentations.»
www.3d2f.com Editorial review
August, 2006

With this software you can easily convert existing PowerPoint presentations to Flash, or build a new Flash presentations from the "ground up".

In addition you can easily narrate your existing PowerPoint presentations, i.e. create and/or apply an audiotrack to it.

Create advanced Flash presentations and e-learning cources, featuring video/audio, auto-scrolling transcript, animated slides and hyperlink windows.

MP3-FLV Lossless Converter
version 3.0
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With this software you can:

Convert MP3 files into FLV streaming Flash video/audio format.

Extract audio track from FLV video/audio files. Nellymoser Asao audio format can be uncompressed or recompressed into MP3 format on-the-fly.

Convert MP3 and FLV files into Flash Movie (SWF) format.

Convert SWF files into FLV format.

Join and split FLV files with preview.

The source file is not transcoded (recompressed), therefore 100% of quality is preserved. Processing speed depends on CPU speed only and is as high as 1 MByte/s or even more.
version 2.02
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FlashArmor produces a special kind of Macromedia Flash Projector, which stores all kinds of Flash content (SWF files, text files, XML files, FLV video and MP3/WAV audio files) inside one single, continuous EXE file. None of these files will ever be saved to user's HDD even as temporary file, even for a nanosecond! All content is encrypted and stored inside one executable and is accessed directly from this executable.

Has powerful yet easy-to-use Windows Explorer-style interface, based on drag&drop technique.

Creates a single executable, containing all files of your Flash project, such as configuration, audio, video, etc.

Your project can work directly from CD/DVD. None of files (even temporarily) are saved to HDD.

Extends Macromedia Flash capabilities by set of very useful features.

Can protect your content by password and create a trial (limited) version of your Flash project.

Can open external files stored on CD/HDD, such as PDF files, MS Word documents or HTML files.

Doesn't require Macromedia Flash OCX installation on user's computer.

Can convert Flash (SWF) files to Windows screensaver.

version 1.02

Download SWF files from Internet (a web site) and save them.

Explore your web browser cache or a disk directory for SWF files.

Search for SWF files, containing a keyword inside SWF text tags or scripts.

Open selected SWF file in a predefined viewer/editor. This feature is very useful when you have both FlashSee and FlashDigger installed on your computer.

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